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Living in the city means living in the heart of the action. And when it comes to Montreal, the possibilities for action are endless. Each borough has its own unique personality; whatever you’re after, Montreal has it. It’s a world-class city on every level: dining, nightlife, festivals, music, theatre, comedy, museums – you name it. Even walking its bustling streets is an attraction in itself! In Montreal, being bored is never an issue. Being the most affordable North American city to live in also helps! No wonder 1.7 million people of 120 different nationalities call this city home.


You can even find tranquil oasis of greenery amid all the hustle and bustle. With the city’s wooded trails, water sports, cross-country skiing and flora and fauna, you’ll never feel the urge to leave the island. And let’s not forget the picnics! Visit any park on a summer evening and you’ll see just to what extent Montrealers love alfresco dining! In fact, the city’s parks take on a festive mood as soon as the snow melts.

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