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Sell a property

Sell a property

So you’ve decided to sell your home! Do you know what’s involved? This page explains everything you need to know about listing your property with a real estate broker. MA CLÉ Immobilier explains the main steps in selling a property and offers practical advice to make the entire process less stressful.

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Real estate transactions can be tricky. It takes specialized knowledge and skills to pull them off smoothly. A real estate broker can manage the entire process while guiding you through each step. Not only that, but your broker will eliminate most of the stress involved in selling a home.

Faire appel à un courtier immobilier pour vendre sa propriété
Le contrat de courtage


If you want to hire a real estate broker to sell your home, you’ll need to sign a brokerage contract. Your broker will know which type of contract is best for your situation. In a nutshell, the brokerage contract lists your rights and obligations, as well as what the real estate broker commits to do to sell your home. When you sign the contract, you will also need to provide a certificate of location, which describes the current condition and location of your property.

Together, you and your broker will also set the asking price for your home along with any specific terms of sale. Your real estate broker can objectively appraise your home’s current market value.


As the seller, you also need to fill out the seller’s declaration form. This form provides potential buyers specific information about the condition of your property, such as:

Your real estate broker takes care of completing this document, with your help. Brokers know these forms well, along with the right wording to use to adequately describe the condition of your home. The seller’s declaration does not just serve the buyer’s interests. It also protects you by minimizing the risk of being sued after the sale.

Le formulaire de déclarations du vendeur
Mettre en valeur sa propriété


If you want to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price, you need to show it off in its best light. Making a good first impression with potential buyers really matters. Some minor aesthetic improvements might be needed. Your broker can also advise you on what repairs will make the biggest impact.


Your broker can guide you through each step of the home selling process. But other experts will also be involved, such as a building inspector, land surveyor and notary. Your real estate broker will be able to recommend experts you can trust.

Vendre : les étapes de la transaction immobilière
Les experts impliqués dans la vente d’une propriété


Once you have accepted the promise to purchase or counteroffer, the sale needs to be finalized. This is done by signing of the deed of sale with a notary. Your real estate broker will continue to support you during this important step.

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Sell a property

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